"I’ll make love to you"…Prince Imagine

It was a real cold night in Prince’s house, you guys decided that just you’s two were gonna have a movie night in. He brought all the blankets and pillows into the living room and set them out on the big sofa in front of the TV, he told you to get comfortable while he was getting snacks. He came back with popcorn and M&M’s. You lifted the blankets away from the empty space on the sofa beside you and tapped it as if to call him over, he set the snacks down and did a little cute run over to you and sat down. He cuddled up to you and kissed your forehead while the movie started, he had his arms around you with his hands sitting on your waist. He whispered “Its so cold babe”. You replied by nodding your head in agreement, he started rubbing your waist upwards the downwards which was warming you up a tad. You were starting to get tingles on your spine from Prince’s touch on your body. You put your warm hands up his shirt and set your hands on his back, he shivered a bit and kissed your cheek. Prince was still rubbing on your skin but only he had moved up to your higher hips, you loved this feeling and as much as you tried to deny it..you just wanted to have sex with him..but not ‘just’ sex, love making. You tried to play it cool. You paused the film and said “Prince I think I have an idea to warm us up”, he said “I was just about to say the same thing”..you excitingly said “You go first”..he paused himself and looked like what he wanted to say wasn’t coming out. Then he said those words you longed to hear “Babe..how would you feel if I said I think i’m ready to make love to you?”. You weren’t sure how to reply, there was so many thoughts and emotions running round your head at once. He kissed you before you could blurt out something stupid. You kissed back adding a little bit of tongue, he was surprised that you were coming out of your shell a bit more than you normally ever did. He pushed you so you were completely lying on your back, he removed his shirt and yours (the cold hitting your body made the hairs on the back of your neck stood up, but it was well worth it) as well he lent down into your face and stared into your eyes for a few seconds before grasping your two breasts through your bra, yet again his touch gave you feelings unexplainable. He started kissing you again while massaging your breasts careful and gently. Your passionate kisses were getting deeper and deeper and as for you, well you could already feel yourself getting wet..you could just feel it slipping through the lips of your pussy. He kissed down your body and started to slide down your sweats. He looked at your panties and licked his lips, his eyes glanced up at you for your approval. You nodded your head and set your head back down.

….Part 2 Team Mindless?

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Freaky Prince Imagine

There he was sitting across the room from you with a lustful look on his face, he was biting down softly on his bottom lip. You didnt want to admit it but you were horny. He sat there for a few minutes staring into your eyes before getting up and lying over on top of you (as you were lying on the couch), he slowly slid your little denim shorts down and spreaded your legs. He looked at you then your panties, he could see the wetness peeling through them. It turned him on big time. He slowly slid two of fingers into your pussy through your panties. You opened your mouth in pleasure but no noise was coming out. He fingered you slowly and sexually, you became wetter and wetter by the second and he was enjoying it. You clawed into his back with your nails and moaned his name a little. He stopped and ripped your panties off with his teeth, He stared at you pussy for second before licking it carefully. He then grabbed onto your hips and started to eat you out fast, he was hitting every spot just the way you wanted him to. Eventually he was tongue fucking you fast and you, well your moans were echoing around the whole house…..

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Come into my ask if you want a request imagine:]

I do them all!

I don’t do Personal’s..Sorry

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Princeton Imagine Part 1

It was a special day today, your favoutie band - Mindless Behavior - was in town and that was a really big thing for you and your friend Nicki. That morning they arrived in your town you got up bright and early and got dressed, you done your make-up, hair, you even got yourself a nice tan just to look good for the boys especialy the one with the big hair that was called Princeton or as you would call him Prince. That time had finally came,you and Nicki were in the car driving to the hotel they were checking into, you guys were big fans so you somehow had convinced the hotel mangager to let you guys wait on the boys in the lobby. Three hours had passed and the boys were running real late but you and Nicki stayed patient. After about thirty mintutes you heard a big tour bus pull into the VIP parking lot and there they were, the four boys who had practically changed your life since 2010 and they were walking straight at you. You’re eyes began to flutter as they began to talk.

Prod:Hey guys look, there’s fans here!

Prince:Woah,How long have you guys been here.

YN:A-a-a-bout three hours.

Prince:*Laughs* I’m sorry we were so late, too much traffic.

Roc:What’s ya’ll names?

YN:I’m YN and this is my bestfriend Nicki.

Nicki:Hey *Smiles*

Prod:Beautiful names *Winks*

The boys began to come closer and you all went and sat on the sofas in the rear of the lobby, all of you were talking about general stuff as you and Nicki had gotten to know them better than you ever had. Everyone was talking but you weren’t listening, you too busy getting caught up in those big brown eyes of Prince’s.

Nicki:Isn’t that right YN.

YN:*Blinks* What are we talking about?

Nicki:*Laughs* Nevermind it was nothing.

Ray:Hey this is our first time in this city and not many people know us so how about we take a trip around the place, maybe go do something fun.

YN:We could take you guys so you wouldn’t get lost or anything.

Prince:Sounds like a great idea to me.

Prod:Okay well what are we waiting for lets go.

The boys told Walter that they were gonna go to look around abit in you town-centre and then you guys left, you were walking down the streets as the boys would look into shop windows to see if they seen anything they liked but one person wasn’t

interested in shopping and it was Prince, he came over to you and walked beside you as your heart started pumping just that little bit faster but you acted as if you were perfectly calm.

Prince:So you like it living here?

YN:Not exactly, its quite and boring but hey its my hometown…what can i do?

Prince:Well me personally i think its beautiful, all it seems to have very beautiful girls as well.

YN:Oh…see anyone you like?

Prince:Well I did see this one girl when we arrived at the hotel earlier, she was very lovely and looked very sophisticated.

YN:Did you seem to catch her name?

Prince:*Laughs* Yeah i think it was…uhmm…i think it was YN.

Your eyes widened and you were astonished…you didnt know what to say so you just laughed it off and kept walking, you guys walked past the biggest cinema in your town and it caught the boys eye.

Prod:Ayyy, I wanna go see a movie?

Nicki:Actually thats a really good idea…who’s down?

Everyone including you was up for seeing a movie, you guys walked in and looked to see what movies were on close to this time, you all looked up and down the big menu trying to figure out what film to pick.

Prince:Hey the commerical for this scary film looked good.

You liked the odd horror film but watching one with these boys, you just knew you would make a fool of yourself but you weren’t gonna be the spoil sport for everyone so you agreed along with everyone else that you guys were gonna watch that movie,

The boys went and bought 6 tickets and junk food for all of you and then you went into the screen. You guys all sat down and yet again Prince went beside you, hey you weren’t complaining you were just nervous incase you said something stupid.

Prince:Can i sit here?

YN:Course *Smiles*

Prince:*Sat down and put his popcorn between you two* I figured we could share this?

YN:Oh sure, thanks.

The movie had started and you were crapping yourself because you knew you would scream or jump at one of the scary bits of the film, about half way through the movie everything was all good and you hadn’t let out a big scream yet but then all of a sudden you felt a strong hand fall onto your thigh, you glanced down quickly then looked back up…it was Prince’s hand, you were shocked that he had done it with no warning but you weren’t gonna be a pussy so you let him keep it there but then he moved his hands further up you thigh and started you sneak it you jeans and you knew he was going for your panties next and you weren’t getting down like that in a cinema next to you bestfriend so you crossed your legs as he had gotten the sign that you weren’t up for it. Minutes later he looked round at you and whispered your name, you looked at him as he put his hand on the back of your head and pulled you in close to his face….he leaned in and whispered in your ear ‘Meet me in the restroom’.

He got up and left so and you left behind him…you walked into the restroom and with out any warning Prince pushed you up against the wall with force and started kissing you…you were shocked but you kissed back, 10 minutes later you guys were in the same position continuing with your make-out session. His hands moved from the back of your neck all the way down to your ass as he gripped it tighter…You could feel yourself starting to get wet and you could tell what he wanted next from all the lust in his eyes.


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Jasmines Romantic/Freaky Ray Ray Imagine:]

So far you were having such a good night, Ray had took you everywhere..Forever 21, Macy’s, Victoria Secret, Holister, Abercrombie and Fitch…like everywhere. You guys were driving home when he stopped at an old park that no one used no more, you both got out and asked “What are we here for babe?”. “I don’t think you would remember but this is were we met 4 years ago” he replied. Your eyes widened as all the memories started to flood back to you and you started to tear up. Ray noticed your eyes starting to water as he came over and wrapped his arms around you tightly. “Babe, what are you crying for..its not a bad thing” he asked, “I know babe, its happy tears” you say giggling.

He lifts you up and spins you around and you guys fall on the dark green grass, you both lay there smiling and staring into each others eyes silently. He cupped your face with one hand and kissed you softly but passionately. You both continued making out for about a half hour then Ray grabbed your hand and dragged you back to the car. He drove to the apartment as quick as he could. When you guys got there he was acting normal as ever but as soon as that apartment door was closed he starting to kiss you.

You smirked as he lifted you by your butt and pinned you up against the wall with your legs wrapped around his waist. He slipped your top off then unclipped your bra, he started to softly massage your breasts and caress them carefully while sucking on one of your nipples continue-sly. He stopped and undone your shorts button. He slipped one of his hands in you panties and started to massage your clit seductively, he then carefully slipped two fingers in you and started to pump them in and out, your were moaning soundfully to start with but the got louder as Ray got faster. You dug your nails into his back as he began to go faster and harder than ever. You moaned his name over and over again…without giving you any warning you came all over his fingers. He reached his hand out and licked his fingers then winked at you. “Hmm lil mama you taste good” he says playfully.

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heelovestayaa asked: thanks i loved it :]


no problem:)

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Taya’s Prodigy Imagine:}

You were laying there on the sandy beach thinking of how you were ever gonna forgive Prod for what he done. He told you that you were the only one but i guess he lieing..you lay there quietly thinking for hours before falling asleep. You woke up and checked your phone, it was 3am and you should really be in Prods house. Just as you were about to get up you felt two big arms grasp around you and cradle you…it startled you but you lent your head back to see it was Prod..you felt safe but then you remembered what he had done.

You:Get off of me *Trys to push him off*


You:Prod i saw the texts on your phone, you met up with some girl called “Brianna” today..theres no need to act innocent.

Prod:*Laughs* Taya you silly girl

You:What?..What are talking about.

Prod:I met up with Brianna today because she is my cousin and she has just came back from work experience in the UK.


Prod:Its okay babe…just ask me first in the future..

You:*Smiles then yawns*

Prod:*Smiles* You’re tired, im taking you back to mine.

As you yawn again Prod lifts you up and takes you to the car. He starts to drive down the highway with you sleeping in the passenger seat, he smiles at the look of your precious little body on the seat so sound. He eventually pulls up at his apartment, He lifts you out of the car and carries you in…he sets you on the bed and puts you under the covers. He puts a pair of sweats on and gets in beside you and cradles you in his big strong arms. He pulls you close and kisses your neck while whispering “Babe, I love you and always will…never ever forget that”. You smile in your sleep as he kisses down your neck and you both fall asleep in eachothers arms.

Hope it was okay and sorry its short:}

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Imagine Requests…

I need your name, MB boy and what type of imagine you want it to be?..

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Imagine#15:When you guys go out for the day.

Prince:You guys go to the beach and bring food, when you arrive you both would run out onto the sand like two big kids, he would pick you up and spin you around...he sets you down carefully on the sand and sits himself on your waist...he leans down into your face and says "I love you babe, always remember that" then kisses you passionately.
Roc:He takes you out for pizza then takes you back to his place, you guys would play little stupid games and playfully fight over the TV remote like two boys, you eventually fall asleep on his lap and he carries you up to bed and cuddles into you.
Ray:He takes you to the park and you guys get on the swings and have a little heart to heart on everything that has been going on lately, he gets up and pushes you while playfully saying "Who love's you more than anyone?".
Prod:Prod takes you to the mall he buys you everything you request, and treats you to your lunch, after he takes you out for a big fancy dinner and he makes you wear the dress he just bought you as to him you apparently look "Irresistible".
2 years ago

Imagine#14:His text before he comes home.

Prince:"Morning Babe, im missing you right now, can't wait to get home and see my mrs.misfit its been so long so im gonna have a suprise for you tonight...be ready for papi :P #spreadthepeace or #spreadthelegs, im so silly:P"
Roc:Ayy hows my girl, i miss hugging you every morning babe...you always warm me up:P well imma be back tonight, have yoself looking fine as hell because i wont be able to keep my hands off you;)"
Ray:Well hows my domo head, good i hope, im working with the boys but guess what, i get to see you tonight as a break from work...make me taco's and maybe Ray gon give you somn"
Prod:Well baby, im coming home tonight to see you, i eventually convinced kenneth so maybe we can watch a few movies and just chill or maybe something else, whatever we feel like babe"
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